Getting my own sessions – thriving (not just surviving)

I’m super excited to receive cranio myself this weekend. These days I tend to schedule cranio every 3-4 weeks for maintainance. I had to cancel my last appt due to a spontaneous family holiday (so I am over due for a session – I can feel it). I know I need a cranio treatment when I start to feel moody or down, when the little voice in my head seems louder and more critical.

When I first started treatment three years ago I gifted myself weekly sessions for a while, as I peeled back layers of history from my body. Slowly releasing patterns of experience that no longer served me. I reconnected with my pelvis and womb space after a traumatic experience birthing my first child. For days after each session I would notice rushes of feel-good hormones coursing through my body. Cranio was resourcing me. As time went on I was able to space out sessions, noticing a lasting sense of balance and resilience – increased emotional regulation and a sense of physical and energetic alignment.

Regular cranio for me, contributes to a sense of flow in my life, I feel I can trust myself and my body to guide me in making the right decisions for me, my relationships have blossomed and I feel more motivated and confident to be exactly who I am – no apologies.

I am so grateful to have found this wonderful therapy, its the difference between surviving and thriving!

If you feel drawn to experience cranio, see this page for more details about what to expect and prices.

The difference between surviving and thriving

A craniosacral therapist is trained to detect subtle motions within the body.

These rhythms are expressions of being alive …. stillness, expansion and contraction.

“Your entire body and its components expand and contract continually, with intermittent pauses in stillness” – Mia Kalef.

Life experiences introduce different motions into the system. For example, the body may contract in a different way – in order to self protect. This is a survival mechanism. If the body feels safe, it can expand and grow. This is the difference between surviving and thriving!

A craniosacral session provides a deep listening that feels safe. The body is better able to release contraction patterns that may have been set up as a protective response. A healthier motion arises from stillness, one that is more aligned with your essential nature.