Had Jenny come for a home visit in my home to help for a lactation consult, not only was she such a lovely person to deal with and knew her stuff but she also performed a cranio session on my 3 week old son Chester. He had a traumatic birth involving a vacuum and forceps resulting in bruising, swelling and a hematoma and was a very unsettled baby since bringing him home. cranio helped shift all the bad energy he has had and releasing all the tension he was holding onto since birth. Jenny was super soft and gentle with him and listened to him and his body language. Since the cranio session Chester has been amazing, he’s sleeping better, more relaxed when he’s awake opposed to crying all the time and seems a lot happier overall. Highly recommend!”


I highly recommend Jenny after seeing her multiple times to support my breastfeeding journey with my first child. It was such an overwhelming and challenging time and Jenny arrived with such calmness and kindness. Jenny’s warm and compassionate approach to my little one was just lovely and I really appreciated her encouragement, knowledge and support. Jenny was super responsive and made me feel comfortable straight away! My little girl seemed to adore her aswell and enjoyed their little chats! Thanks Jenny! X

Tameka P

This is our second time seeing Jenny. We originally saw her for breastfeeding problems after a recommendation from a friend. After the first visit we had amazing success with breastfeeding, when we started to have problems with sleep it was with no hesitation to book another session with Jenny and see if she could help us again.
After our session we have seen some great improvements with both sleep and again with feeding. Babe is now more relaxed, has stopped making some awkward positionings to get to sleep, linking sleep cycles better, and feeding more efficiently. As every day goes by sleep is becoming easier and less stressful for all of us.
I can’t recommend Jenny enough to help with sleeping, feeding or anything baby related. 

Emily B

I have followed Jenny’s page for over a year and was waiting until the birth of my 2nd baby until utilising her service. Then I read a post that led me to her website where I read further about the benefits of Cranio Sacral Therapy and I was intrigued to find out if it liked be helpful for my 2 year olds speech development.In our appointment, Jenny used a calm and non-pressure, non-invasive approach to interact with my son and gain his permission to begin. She engaged in conversation with him and conducted the therapy whilst he was simply playing with toys. We could see his bodies reaction to his muscles & tissues releasing tension. In the 2 weeks following his session we noticed an increase in his vocabulary and his attempts to communicate.We also noticed his sleep increased aswell. We had another session and I believe this has led to further increases in his vocab. I have already recommended Jenny to other parents for various reasons with their children and we will use her services again for both our children.

Catherine B

I highly recommend Jenny for Cranio therapy; I contacted Jenny when my daughter was 12 weeks old, due to her only gaining a small amount of weight weekly she had also started to refuse the breast when offered. She had a tongue-tie, which was released at 2 weeks old and was also suffering from colic, she was generally very unsettled and would fight sleep.After the first session with Jenny she was like a different baby, relaxed, calm and settled to sleep so much better. Within a couple of days of the first session she also started to take the breast when offered and the latch was much better. The transformation was amazing; we continued and had 2 more sessions in the following weeks, her sleep continued to improve as well as breastfeeding. I also had a couple of sessions; it was very a relaxing and refreshing feeling.Jenny is a true professional, is friendly and has such a calming aura about her. I will definitely use Jenny for both Cranio and Lactation consults when we have another bub.

Kate T

I’ve seen a Jenny for a few sessions of cranio and I can’t recommend her enough. She has a gentle, kind and compassionate manner and an intuitive and sensitive healing approach. She has helped me to feel more balanced, shift physical and emotional blocks, regulate my nervous system and feel more grounded. Thank you Jenny!

Lisa L

My son and I have been seeing Jenny for Cranio sessions for his torticollis. When we first met it was severe and he was in alot of discomfort and pain when not on his preferred side. I really liked her approach to treatment being very gentle and in tune with my sons needs. I also feel doing sessions along side him has been beneficial and would recommend mums & bub sessions if you can.After our sessions it has been amazing to see how he has continually straightened and become more comfortable. The sessions really have helped him straighten so much. I would highly recommend seeing Jenny if your little one has a torticollis, much prefer cranio than physical manipulation at such a young age!Thank you Jenny, we look forward to future sessions.

Courtney M

My son Jayden and I had an amazing experience with Jenny. After a very traumatic birth, Jayden was in obvious facial pain and struggling to latch for the first 10 weeks.
With Jenny’s help we were able to finish establishing breast feeding and eliminate his pain.
After his very first session, Jayden was the most relaxed he had ever been, laying in his pram wide eyed and calm. For the first time that night he slept swaddled. For the following week he was a different baby. I would recommend Jenny to any mum who thinks their baby isn’t quite right and to help settle any birth trauma.

Emma B

We first saw Jenny when I was seeking help from an LC after my son has his tongue and lip tie lazered at 7 days old. She was able to help us with some new positions to encourage a better latch which was very helpful. After the procedure I was looking for manual therapy to do to assist the healing process and Jenny spoke to us about cranio. We have since had 3 sessions with her and I am amazed by the results. My sons latch improved after every session. He went from not being able to flange his lips to a proper flanged latch and a stronger more consistent suck. She was also able to help other areas of his body I didn’t realise were restricted/holding tension but after he seemed more relaxed in his whole body and was able to move more freely. Jenny was so respectful of my son and always followed his lead during the session and would continue moving forward following his lead or pull back if he needed it. I loved watching the connection she was able to build with him, after each session he would relax and stare into her eyes as if he was just wanting to say “thank you for making me feel better”. Thank you Jenny for everything

Corrine B

I got refluxy baby with poor latching who hated to be in car so much that her screaming built up into me having an anxiety to drive, I knew that something is wrong and I had to tried to help her. I did not get any help or support at all and therefore I was looking for some sort of other option. I came to have a section without any expectation and not really knowing much about cranio. I noticed that my bub was more calm, our latching is way better and she is more enjoying her drives in car.I can put her in car and she sleeps in there, self-settle there few times and was happy to just sit and watch which was never the case before the treatment..she appears happier, calmer and sleeps better..it was very gentle way of helping my girl and I am so glad I did that..I would definitely recommend Jenny to anybody who is going through the same problem.

Zuzka Turnock