Jenny provides a unique service to Perth families who are seeking assistance with feeding challenges or unsettled babies. With a decade of experience assisting breastfeeding families, Jenny offers skilled lactation support, with the opportunity to include craniosacral therapy treatment. This gentle bodywork is perfectly placed to support babies to thrive. It supports the settling of the nervous system which is key to better feeding, sleeping and overall baby behaviour.

Parents are also encouraged to book in for a treatment. Babies are hugely dependent on their caregivers for regulating their nervous systems. Cranio can assist parents to cultivate calmness which in turn supports their baby.

Lactation consults

Are you struggling with breastfeeding issues? Do you have sore nipples? Supply issues? Is your baby struggling to latch or drink milk properly? Are they fussy at the breast? For support in resolving your breastfeeding challenges Click here for more info

Crying baby package

Is your baby crying a lot? Are they hard to settle? Are you confused if the issue is trapped wind or gas? Have you been told bub has colic or reflux? Cranio can help settle your baby and promote a sense of calm that often continues after the session. Includes 3 x baby cranio treatments + 1 x cranio treatment for mum


Birth trauma package

Have you had a long, difficult labour? Were you induced? Were forceps or vacuum used during the birth? Perhaps you wanted a vaginal birth and are disappointed that your baby was born via c-section? Cranio treatment can help you and your baby to resolve any emotional or physical trauma. Includes 2 x mum and bub cranio treatments

New mum cranio package

Still in pain from the birth? Struggling to adjust to motherhood? Do you need more support in bonding with your baby or smoothing out any feeding or settling issues? Cranio can support you physically and emotionally in the transition to being a mum. It helps you to reconnect with your body and your baby after birth. Includes 2 x mum and bub cranio treatments

Cranio Support for all

Cranio can help any member of the family to connect to their body. To feel more balanced and calm. To clear emotional or physical blocks. To build resilience. Try a session to see if it is a good fit for you. Click here for more info.

Tongue tie assessments

Are you experiencing breastfeeding issues? Sore nipples? Poor latch? Are you unsure if your baby was properly assessed for tongue tie in hospital? Jenny has extensive experience in tongue tie assessment and can perform a full oral assessment for your baby. Including checking latch and assessing milk transfer with a pre/post feed weight – 45 minute consult.

I have followed Jenny’s page for over a year and was waiting until the birth of my 2nd baby until utilising her service. Then I read a post that led me to her website where I read further about the benefits of Cranio Sacral Therapy and I was intrigued to find out if it liked be helpful for my 2 year olds speech development.In our appointment, Jenny used a calm and non-pressure, non-invasive approach to interact with my son and gain his permission to begin. She engaged in conversation with him and conducted the therapy whilst he was simply playing with toys. We could see his bodies reaction to his muscles & tissues releasing tension. In the 2 weeks following his session we noticed an increase in his vocabulary and his attempts to communicate.We also noticed his sleep increased aswell. We had another session and I believe this has led to further increases in his vocab. I have already recommended Jenny to other parents for various reasons with their children and we will use her services again for both our children.

Catherine B

I highly recommend Jenny for Cranio therapy; I contacted Jenny when my daughter was 12 weeks old, due to her only gaining a small amount of weight weekly she had also started to refuse the breast when offered. She had a tongue-tie, which was released at 2 weeks old and was also suffering from colic, she was generally very unsettled and would fight sleep.After the first session with Jenny she was like a different baby, relaxed, calm and settled to sleep so much better. Within a couple of days of the first session she also started to take the breast when offered and the latch was much better. The transformation was amazing; we continued and had 2 more sessions in the following weeks, her sleep continued to improve as well as breastfeeding. I also had a couple of sessions; it was very a relaxing and refreshing feeling.Jenny is a true professional, is friendly and has such a calming aura about her. I will definitely use Jenny for both Cranio and Lactation consults when we have another bub.

Kate T