• Clinic visit – $200
  • Home visits – extra $0/$30/$50 (depending on distance travelled – see contact me page for service area)
  • Includes one week of follow up via phone or email

What to expect:

Your visit may take up to 90 minutes and, ideally, a full feeding will be observed. It can be helpful to adjust feeding times. This can help your baby to be willing to feed during the visit, without being over hungry.  It is beneficial to prepare a list of questions to discuss during the consult. During the consult, Jenny may:

  • Take a full history of your breastfeeding journey, including details of the birth and any previous breastfeeding experience
  • Check how your baby looks and acts
  • Check your breasts and nipples
  • Watch your baby breastfeed and offer help with positioning
  • Show you how to tell when your baby is latched and feeding well
  • Check your baby’s weight
  • Weigh your baby before and after breastfeeding to measure milk intake
  • Provide a full oral assessment – this involves putting a finger in your baby’s mouth to check your baby’s suck and assess for tongue and lip ties (an IBCLC cannot diagnose tongue ties but may make comment about any restriction of the tongue and lip and its possible impact on breastfeeding)
  • Provide a free baby cranio session, if desired.

  • Rebates may be available through your health fund. Jenny has a registered provider number for BUPA, Medibank & HCF. Other health funds also rebate for LC services eg. NIB, HIF, CBHS, Teachers Health Fund.

  • Online / skype / phone consults available – $100 per hour or part thereof
  • Antenatal consults available
  • Lactation review / or for mothers who have already had a full feeding assessment by an IBCLC but would like lactation advice during a baby cranio appt – $100 per hour or part thereof
  • Ongoing follow-up (via phone/email/text/zoom) packages available.