Craniosacral (integrative) therapy for toddlers

Did you know that babies and young children remember their birth and being in the womb? They remember how it feels, emotionally and through the body as a felt sense (implicit memory). The body holds significant life events in our tissues, especially when coupled with intense emotion or survival states – fight/flight/freeze. My experiences as a craniosacral therapist have shown me, that given the opportunity, a baby or toddler may suddenly start telling me their birth (or perinatal) story – through body language, somatic imprints or emotions.

Childhood amnesia, is a well known phenomenon, where is it thought that we are unable to remember events from our early years. I believe this relates more to explicit memory (or autobiographical recollection) rather than implicit memory, though interestingly, a study showed that 2- and-3-year-olds can remember and talk about events that happened months, or even more than a year before. My experiences have shown me that our early memories are very much accessible under the right conditions. This is true for all ages, though I do feel there is a window of opportunity with toddlers (ages 2-4) to access more of the story before childhood amnesia kicks in.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle touch-based therapy where the therapist tunes into the nervous system and inner healing forces (craniosacral rhythm) of the client. The therapy tends to offer the right conditions for these early memories to arise. With toddlers I use more of an integrative approach using touch, play, creative expression and noticing specific body language that relates to the birth process. Integrative baby therapy is part of a movement to recognise that babies are sentient beings, having their own experience of birth, and that how we are born has a significant influence on us. This is lead by therapists in UK, USA and Germany. As it is not yet established here in Australia, it is my intention to offer this opportunity to families here in Perth – hence the special offer!

What to expect:

Sessions last around 1-1.5hrs and are child-led and permission based. Home visits are preferrable as your child will feel more comfortable and have access to a range of toys. I usually start sessions negotiating touch with your child. If you child does not wish to be touched, I can tune in from a safe distance. It is important that your child feels safe. I use my sensitivity to listen to somatic imprints, watch body language and emotional and creative expression. Tunnels and other means of creative expression with toys are an option.

Your child may choose to use the session to tell their story of birth – or not – the body chooses the priority for the session and I follow the impulses of your child throughout the session with no set intention. Cranio is unique in that it often triggers birth and prenatal imprints, but the intelligence and inner healing forces inherent in your child may also choose to work through musculoskeletal issues eg from recent falls and bumps, or emotional events – eg moving house, getting lost.

Your child should leave the session feeling deeply heard and acknowledged, feeling more whole, at peace and empowered to express their life experiences. Parents may also have a deeper understanding of their child.


Darlington clinic visits are $70. Home visits include plus travel charges ($0 -$50) depending on distance – see contact me page.

If you would like to explore your baby or childs perinatal or birth imprints please contact me to book a session. Its a very special experience to witness and I would be honoured to work with your child.

“It is always wonderous watching Jenny work with our daughter. Jenny approaches her with such curiosity and reverence and openess and I’m always in awe of the way Jenny connects the dots to uncover what Aria is communicating to her. Aria immediately felt so warm and inviting with Jenny’s soft presence and one session surprised us all by proceeding to enact to Jenny the story not only of her birth, but conception and time in utero too! The way Jenny then articulated the story Aria had shown her had me in total awe. What a gift for my daughter to be able to feel so empowered by having her birth story heard! Jenny truly has an incredible gift to offer – I only wish we knew about her sooner!” ~ Allyce Ananda