Biodynamic craniosacral therapy for babies & children

45 minute consult including approximately 15 – 30 minutes of bodywork – $70

*extra travel fee for home visits depending on distance

What to expect:

Babies are often treated while being held by a parent. Treatment can be given during breastfeeding or bottle feeding and sometimes, with mobile babies, on the floor mat. Jenny uses her sensitivity to closely observe a baby’s body language, making eye contact and using a refined felt sense to tune in to the baby’s unique needs.

Children lie fully clothed on a massage table. Jenny usually starts by placing her hands on the feet or sacrum and may move to the head, spine or other areas of the body, as determined by how the body responds to treatment.

Babies and children respond quickly to cranio and tend to need fewer sessions than adults. Most babies find it relaxing, and often smile throughout. It is permission based – led by your child. Changes that occur in the body following the treatment tend to take around 48 hours to integrate, some babies may be unsettled during this time. This is normal and will pass. It is also common for the feeling of peace and well being to spill over to the parents during and after the session. For more information click here.

Cranio can help babies in the following circumstances:

  • birth trauma
  • feeding challenges (tight jaw, inability to latch etc)
  • pre or post tongue tie release
  • oral aversion / feeding refusal
  • after surgery

Cranio can help children with:

  • anxiety /depression
  • after surgery
  • ear /sinus infections
  • headaches
  • head injury / concussion

  • colic or reflux
  • sleep issues
  • babies born on antidepressants / other medication or drugs
  • after vaccination
  • torticollis

  • trauma (including birth)
  • autism /ADHD
  • developmental delays
  • neurological conditions
  • promotion of well-being

Combined mother & baby craniosacral treatment

Bodywork for mum and bub – $140

*extra travel fee for home visits depending on distance