Biodynamic craniosacral therapy for babies (& mums)

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy for babies

What to expect:

Younger babies are often treated while being held by a parent. Treatment can be given during breastfeeding or bottle feeding and sometimes, with mobile babies, on the floor mat. Jenny uses her sensitivity to closely observe a baby’s body language, making eye contact and using a refined felt sense and touch to tune into subtle rhythms within the body to facilitate healing. It is non-manipulative, and you are encouraged to respond to your baby. Most babies find it to be relaxing and smile throughout. It is permission based – led by your child. For more information click here.

Sessions: $70 including 15- 40 minutes of bodywork (allow up to 75 mins for the appt)

Home visits available – see contact me page for pricing.

Baby treatments also available via zoom.

After a session: Changes that occur in the body following the treatment tend to take around 48 hours to integrate, some babies may be unsettled during this time. This is normal and will pass. It is also common for the feeling of peace and well being to spill over to the parents during and after the session.

Note: A combined lactation and cranio appt is available for mothers who have already had a full feeding assessment by an IBCLC but would like lactation advice during a baby cranio appt – $100 per hour or part thereof

How many sessions are needed?

Babies respond quickly to cranio, up to three sessions (one per week) are recommended. Ideally mum should also receive cranio during the course of treatment.

Cranio can help babies in the following circumstances:

Combined mother & baby craniosacral treatment

Babies have an immature nervous system and rely on their mother to regulate. Because mum and baby are so connected, it’s a good idea for mothers to get a treatment too. A combined mum and bub cranio synchronises both nervous systems, helping to speed up babies healing and supporting mothers to integrate their own birth experience.

What to expect:

Sessions revolve around the mood of the baby. If baby is asleep – mum can have treatment first. If baby is awake, cranio treatment may settle baby to sleep so mum can have treatment afterwards. Sometimes mum and baby are on the treatment table together. It can be helpful to have another caregiver around to care for baby while mum receives treatment, especially with older babies. Flexibility is required working with babies

1.5 -2hr appt – Bodywork for mum and bub – $150

Home visits available – see contact me page for pricing