Baby cranio via Zoom

What to expect:

During a zoom baby cranio treatment, I use my refined felt sense to tune into your baby’s body and nervous system. As an empath, I can mirror your babies physical and emotional tensions in my own body. I then look for the health (craniosacral rhythm / tide/ stillness) underneath the imprints to encourage the body’s self-healing response. Once your baby is attuned to these rhythms, they will feel safe and relaxed and may fall asleep. There will be lots of quiet and stillness (or memory crying). Treatment calms the nervous system, sparking a biological process, unique to each individual, to release held tensions, stress and trauma from the body. Parents often report that baby is calmer, less fussy at the breast, easier to settle and more comfortable in their body.

Read more about my journey to touch-free work here.

Babies can be treated feeding, sleeping, lying on a pillow on the parent’s lap, on the bed next to the parent or between the legs. Anywhere they are comfortable.

Parents are encouraged to respond to their baby as normal, speaking to their baby, adjusting bubs positioning, burping etc.

The session can take anywhere from 15 – 45 mins.

Cranio may help:

  • breastfeeding difficulties
  • fussy, hard to soothe, irritable babies
  • babies who have had an assisted birth (vaccuum /forceps/ C-section)
  • babies who experienced a fast birth or excessively long birth
  • babies who vomit frequently
  • newborns who do not wake for feeds
  • babies with digestive or sleep issues
  • premature babies or babies who have been separated from their mother.

Recommended age: It is easier to treat precrawling babies, but get in touch to discuss treatment for older babies.

Cost: $70 AUD

Zoom testimonials

From my facebook page

“Our experience so far with Jenny has been amazing and I am so excited for future sessions. I reached out to Jenny to help my 8-week-old daughter. My baby has a medical issue that requires surgery (tomorrow) so for the past two weeks we have been isolating as I couldn’t risk any covid exposure before surgery. After a lengthy phone call, in which Jenny showed such patience and compassion, Jenny offered to try a zoom session. It was a first for both of us and I kept an open mind as I wasn’t sure what to expect but after our first session my baby had the most restful sleep she’d ever had! Over the following days we saw big improvements in her sleep and overall calmness. She was actually able to be awake without crying and even gave us her first smile. Her muscle tension in her neck has been better which is helping her head preference, tummy time and improve her latch. In our second session I noticed my baby physically responding to treatment, Jenny would mention a release in the right leg for example and my baby would stretch her right leg, Jenny said she felt some nausea right before my baby vomited. We have been so impressed and noticed such a difference in our baby that my husband and I will be booking in for treatment in the near future. Thank you Jenny for everything you have done and continue to do for my family. We appreciate you so much and look forward to further treatment” Chelsea

“I recently had a session with Jenny via zoom for my one-month-old who was waking up and screaming throughout the night constantly and who was just overall unsettled most of the time. Since the session with Jenny, my little one has been so calm and goes straight back to sleep after feeding during the night and is overall more calm and relaxed. I can’t recommend Jenny enough for the relief my babies newfound calmness has bought me” J Brayne

“I had an online zoom session with Jenny for my 4-week-old. He was experiencing a lot of discomfort in his tummy and this was making him unsettled a lot of the time. During the session my baby had a lot of emotional release. it was amazing to see things shift as Jenny went through different areas of his body where he was holding onto emotions, having then come up and then he would completely calm. Since having two sessions he is a lot more settled. he has many moments of calm happy baby now. he also doesn’t cry to the same level of intensity as he previously did. I am so grateful and fascinated by the work Jenny does” K Whitfield

“I had a session via zoom with my sweet baby boy who struggles to sleep well 1-2 nights a week. It’s been interesting to see his changes over the past couple of days, the best way I could describe it is even more comfy in his skin. He is more happy to be put down and goes to sleep really easily, including his day naps. Still waking up frequently at night but more settled to go back to sleep. Which makes for a happier Mama & baby” G Taylor