Excessive vomiting

Excessive vomiting in newborns can lead to poor weight gain and dehydration. It is a good idea to have baby assessed by a GP for medical issues (eg. pyloric stenosis, gastro). If these have been ruled out, it can be worthwhile exploring other reasons for excess vomiting such as:

– baby is taking more milk than needed and self corrects by bringing up the excess

food sensitivities – eg. egg

– tension or activation of the diaphragm

– tension held in the fascia in the upper chest / oesophageal region (common after a traumatic or assisted birth)

Consider a combined lactation and cranio consult for excess vomiting. I have recently treated a couple of babies who have significantly reduced vomiting after one cranio session, after held tensions were released. A full lactation consult can assess milk transfer with pre/post feed weigh to rule out excess milk intake as a cause.

If symptoms persist after 1-3 sessions of cranio, symptoms are more likely to be food related.