Arching and pushing in babies (after emergency c-section)

For some babies, getting stuck in the birth canal, then being born via caesarean, can be a disorienting experience. Especially so, if anaesthesia or opioid medication was used at the time.

Babies are active participants during birth, they will push off the walls of the uterus with their feet, twist their bodies and turn their heads in order to facilitate the birthing process. It is a biological sequence encoded into their bodies. They are programmed to do this. If this sequence is interupted, at any point, the sequence may still be cycling in their system. A baby may frequently arch and twist at the breast, or push/kick their feet off surfaces.

These movements often arise during a biodynamic craniosacral therapy session. The baby is supported to complete the sequence or to express these movements. Afterwards the baby no longer has a need to keep acting out these movements – the arching, pushing and kicking stop and the baby feels complete and settled.

Consider a cranio treatment for your little one to support them to complete this unresolved urge still cycling in their system.