A Toddler Tells Her Birth Story

Did you know that babies and young children remember their birth?

I recall my son saying, when he was a toddler “mum you punched me in the stomach when I was born”. Now, I don’t remember doing this, but I do remember the scramble to get him from the bottom of the birth pool, when I wrongly assumed the midwife would catch him. I went from being on my knees and leaning on the side of the pool to flipping over and grabbing him. Perhaps I did accidentally knock his stomach with my hands??!

My experiences as a craniosacral therapist have also shown me, that given the opportunity, a baby or toddler may suddenly start telling me their birth (or prenatal) story – through body language, somatic imprints or emotions. It is not uncommon for babies to take one look at me and start to memory cry!

Recently, a regular client had just had her second birthday party. It had been a while since I treated her. Now she could speak. Her mum had asked me to do a session because she had bumped her head. While this imprint did show up, she was not keen on any touch, but instead started to play with me… her play was very specific, detailing her conception and birth journey.

Tunnels tend to feature stongly.

She was fortunate to have a home birth without intervention, so not as tricky as some of the babies I treat, but still – she had a story to tell! She showed me an “egg” and a “tunnel” (many times repeating the word tunnel), and proceeded to show me the steps of how she got here, how she was “stuck” screwing up her face and tucking her self into a ball while pulling out bracelets from the folds of her plush red sofa. So creative! She would repeat the key themes for me for emphasis. There was a sense of empowerment in her experience, of moving through a challenge and overcoming it.

Somehow she knew that I was able to hear her story – the story emerging without any intention on my part. It is one of my favourite “craniosacral” sessions, and as I said, I didn’t touch her at all. More of an “Integrative Baby Therapy” session than cranio. This therapy is part of a movement to recognise that babies are sentient beings, having their own experience of birth, and that how we are born has a significant influence on us. Babies and young children are more than capable of communicating this in the presence of others who recognise this as truth. It still blows me away that somehow our bodies, and/or our consciousness can recognise when someone else is open to listening. So much communication happens beyond what is spoken. It remains one of lifes mysteries that science is yet to fully unravel.

Babies and children remember their birth and being in the womb! Though with time, and our cultures lack of awareness, these experiences are slowly eroded from our conscious (explicit) memory, but they remain in our implicit memory, which is not something that can be consciously recalled, but instead from emotional or somatic triggers. Our bodies remember! Even adults hold imprints from birth.

I wish I had known this was possible when my children were young and could have explored it with them. Its a very special experience to witness. If you would like to explore your baby or childs prenatal or birth imprints please contact me to book a session.

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