The Body Remembers…

Babies (and adults) remember their birth and early life (pre-verbal) experiences. These experiences are imprinted on the nervous system and tissues of the body. Early life experiences, like birth, influence our body and our behaviour. These formative experiences are often forgotten but can be later remembered (for example during a treatment of cranio). This occurs through the phenomena of “implicit” memory and is recalled through body sensations and feelings. Cranio creates a supportive, caring, slowed down, environment where these implicit memories can gently emerge (along with emotions and physical sensations). This process can restore a feeling of wholeness, even with the accompanying pain of remembering.

*I have paraphrased Mia Kalef (from her book “The Secret Life of babies”) which I am currently reading. I highly recommend to others who are interested in understanding the nature of craniosacral therapy, the unconscious body and the sentience of babies.

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