Zuzka Turnock

I got refluxy baby with poor latching who hated to be in car so much that her screaming built up into me having an anxiety to drive, I knew that something is wrong and I had to tried to help her. I did not get any help or support at all and therefore I was looking for some sort of other option. I came to have a section without any expectation and not really knowing much about cranio. I noticed that my bub was more calm, our latching is way better and she is more enjoying her drives in car.I can put her in car and she sleeps in there, self-settle there few times and was happy to just sit and watch which was never the case before the treatment..she appears happier, calmer and sleeps better..it was very gentle way of helping my girl and I am so glad I did that..I would definitely recommend Jenny to anybody who is going through the same problem.