Corrine B

We first saw Jenny when I was seeking help from an LC after my son has his tongue and lip tie lazered at 7 days old. She was able to help us with some new positions to encourage a better latch which was very helpful. After the procedure I was looking for manual therapy to do to assist the healing process and Jenny spoke to us about cranio. We have since had 3 sessions with her and I am amazed by the results. My sons latch improved after every session. He went from not being able to flange his lips to a proper flanged latch and a stronger more consistent suck. She was also able to help other areas of his body I didn’t realise were restricted/holding tension but after he seemed more relaxed in his whole body and was able to move more freely. Jenny was so respectful of my son and always followed his lead during the session and would continue moving forward following his lead or pull back if he needed it. I loved watching the connection she was able to build with him, after each session he would relax and stare into her eyes as if he was just wanting to say “thank you for making me feel better”. Thank you Jenny for everything