Catherine B

I have followed Jenny’s page for over a year and was waiting until the birth of my 2nd baby until utilising her service. Then I read a post that led me to her website where I read further about the benefits of Cranio Sacral Therapy and I was intrigued to find out if it liked be helpful for my 2 year olds speech development.In our appointment, Jenny used a calm and non-pressure, non-invasive approach to interact with my son and gain his permission to begin. She engaged in conversation with him and conducted the therapy whilst he was simply playing with toys. We could see his bodies reaction to his muscles & tissues releasing tension. In the 2 weeks following his session we noticed an increase in his vocabulary and his attempts to communicate.We also noticed his sleep increased aswell. We had another session and I believe this has led to further increases in his vocab. I have already recommended Jenny to other parents for various reasons with their children and we will use her services again for both our children.