Changes afoot

Next month it will be two years since I started Flow Cranio after graduating as a craniosacral therapist! Babies have taught me so much in this time. Each body reveals its unique patterns of experience in a session. I love being able to connect with babies through craniosacral therapy and help them to feel safe enough to express and let go of the difficult stories and tensions held in their systems.

The body is a gifted storyteller

Matthew Appleton

With this new business milestone, and due to changing personal circumstances (my partner and I are consciously uncoupling after 18 years together), I am putting my prices up slightly for new clients.

New rates from 1st July:

  • $90 initial baby/child treatment – subsequent sessions remain $70 (baby /child home visits – $100)
  • $150 mum and bub treatment
  • $100 per hour for combined lactation/cranio appts
  • Discounts available for a series of three sesssions (if prepaid)

I will continue to hold the low cost clinic monthly offering cranio by donation for babies.

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