Cranio for kids

I have treated a few school age children lately. It is so beneficial to the child to be able to resolve underlying physical tensions, suppressed emotions or patterns of “fight or flight”‘ in a safe space.

Children are very much in tune with the rhythms of their body and during a treatment, can feel all the shifts happening within, more so than most adults. They do have to consent to treatment, and are told that at anytime that they can speak up and stop the session, if desired – mostly, they don’t though, they can feel the benefits. By the end of the session, the nervous system feels calmer and balanced. All the energy that was holding the tensions at a subconscious level is freed up to optimise their vitality. They are then better able to self regulate their emotions.

It is a privilege to treat children, I love it as much as I love treating babies. Therefore I want to open up more space for school age children to access my services. I will extend my hours on Mondays and Tuesdays to see children after school.

Please contact me, if you feel your child may benefit from some craniosacral therapy.

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