Low-cost baby cranio clinic

Its no secret that I love giving and receiving biodynamic craniosacral therapy (cranio). If I didnt have bills to pay I would do this work for free! With this in mind, I am now offering a monthly clinic for babies to receive this work – by donation. All babies should have the opportunity to receive cranio, regardless of their parents’ financial situation. This is a great opportunity for your baby to experience this gentle therapy. Read below for more details….

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Who: Pre-crawling babies (babies who have not received cranio before will be prioritised)

What: Cranio is a light touch form of bodywork that is non-manipulative. Jenny uses a listening touch to calm babies nervous system, sparking a biological process, unique to each individual, to release held tensions, stresses and trauma from the body. Babies often find it to be deeply relaxing. Parents often report that baby is calmer, easier to settle and more comfortable in their body.


Cranio may help:

  • breastfeeding difficulties
  • fussy, hard to soothe, irritable babies
  • babies who have had an assisted birth (vaccuum /forceps/ C-section)
  • babies who experienced a fast birth or excessively long birth
  • babies who vomit frequently
  • newborns who do not wake for feeds
  • babies with digestive or sleep issues
  • premature babies or babies who have been separated from their mother.


  • Thursday July 30th – 9.30 – 2.30 – FULLY BOOKED
  • Thursday August 20th – 9.30 -2.30 – FULLY BOOKED
  • Thursday September 24th – 9.30 – 2.30

Where: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Clinic – 74 Nollamara Ave, Nollamara.

Cost: Donation based – suggestion at least $10 to cover room hire.

Places are limited and by appointment only. So book early through the website or phone 0435 309 397.

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